My Work Experience



  • 2nd PUC (Class 2)
    Carmel Pre-University College, Bangalore, India
    I completed my class 1 (1st PUC) and class 2 (2nd PUC) on the year 2015 at Carmel Pre-University College , Basaweshanagar, Bangalore
    2014 2015
  • Bachelor Degree
    KLE Society’s Nijalingappa College
    I completed my Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) at KLE Institute, Rajajinagar, Bangalore which was 3 year course.
    2015 2018
  • Master Degree
    East West Institute of Technology
    I am persuing my Master of Computer Application (MCA) at East West Institute of Technology which will be completed on the year 2020.
    2018 2020


  • Ethical Hacking
    Mahesh International Training Institute
    I have an great 3 year experience on White-hat hacking. I am completed cource and awarded as 29th rank at Mahesh International Training Institute (Yelanka).
    2013 2015
  • Junior Web Developer
    Web Agency
    I have 2 years of experience on basic web devleloping on making up basic projects and Worked at Freelancer for 1 year.
    2013 2015
  • Senior Web Developer
    InTech Inc.
    Currently i am doing Part-Time job at InTech Inc. at World Trade Center (Yeshwantpur) as an Senior Web Developer.
    2018 2020

My Interests

  • Music
  • Watch Movies
  • Photography
  • Gaming
  • Traveling
  • Bicycling

My Language skills

Based on my Language skills which i do speak on better manner.

English 90/100

Hindi 75/100

Telugu 67/100

Tamil 50/100

My Technical skills

Seeking to join an organization, this will utilize my abilities to the maximum, while providing me a wide exposure, sufficient responsibilities, independence of thoughts and opportunity to learn. My personal and professional growth should be tandem with the organization.

HTML 98/100

Css 90/100

Php 70/100

Javascript 85/100